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Join our mission: purpose-driven partnerships to remediate legacy contamination

Our actions today redefine the environment and community health of tomorrow. This is the transformation that the NICOLE Foundation is offering.


There's a prevalent belief that significant environmental change requires governmental intervention or that one organisation's efforts are just a drop in the ocean. It's time to dispel this myth. The power of individual and collective action is monumental, and it starts with a choice—your choice.

The NICOLE Foundation stands at the forefront of addressing land contamination issues that threaten lives and livelihoods. We dive into the complexities where others may hesitate, bringing technical expertise to places and problems too often overlooked. Our focus? Where the 'polluter pays' principle doesn't apply, and commercial interests turn a blind eye.

February marks our one-year anniversary and we’re celebrating a year of achievements including the successful delivery of two projects:

  1. Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations: In response to EU cadmium limits in chocolate, the Food and Agricultural Organisation initiated a project with the NICOLE Foundation to reduce cadmium uptake in cacao trees and beans in Latin-Amerika.

  2. Residual Historical Contamination Clean-up in Estonia: The NICOLE Foundation was asked to participate in a workshop in Tallin to review and provide external input to a clean-up concept.

We’d like to invite you to join our mission. This isn't about the NICOLE Foundation; it's about the collective 'us'—our shared vision for a healthier, safe and more sustainable world.

The path to change is laid out before us, and while the challenges are significant, so too is our resolve. By joining hands with the NICOLE Foundation, you are not just contributing; you are leading the charge towards meaningful, tangible change.

For more information about the NICOLE Foundation please contact us here. We look forwarding to working with you soon.

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